Смеситель для биде Heritage Dorchester TDCG05

Смеситель для биде Dorchester TDCG05 gold Heritage

8990 RUR
Dorchester TDCG05 Heritage

Heritage / Dorchester TDCG05 / похожие


Бачок для унитаза Heritage Dorchester PVEW01

Средний бачок с механизмом слива DORCHESTER PVEW01 HERITAGE
без ручки

цвет: белый

Производство Англия

10704 RUR
Dorchester PVEW01 Heritage

Heritage / Dorchester PVEW01 / похожие


Смеситель для ванны Heritage Dorchester TDCG02

Смеситель для ванны Dorchester TDCG02 gold Heritage

14990 RUR
Dorchester TDCG02 Heritage

Heritage / Dorchester TDCG02 / похожие


Бачок для унитаза Heritage Dorchester PVEW02

Высокий бачок с механизмом слива DORCHESTER PVEW02 HERITAGE

размер 54.5х22.5 см.

цвет: белый
Производство Англия

15926 RUR
Dorchester PVEW02 Heritage

Heritage / Dorchester PVEW02 / похожие


Смеситель для биде Heritage Dorchester TDCBR05

Смеситель для биде Dorchester TDCBR05 Дополнительные характеристики:

  • Материал - латунь
  • Цвет - бронза
  • Ручки - бронза
  • Картриджи - керамические
  • Комплектация - с донным клапаном
  • Тип - для биде

5990 RUR
Dorchester TDCBR05 Heritage

Heritage / Dorchester TDCBR05 / похожие


Карниз для ванной комнаты 100-180 см Carnation Home Fashions Dorchester Oil Rubbed Bronze TSR-DOR/67

3730 RUR
Carnation Home Fashions

Carnation Home Fashions / / похожие


Kimberley Lynne Dredging the Choptank

Chilling and mysterious folklore comes to life in this supernatural thriller about a writer investigating ghost legend in a town in denial. Stakes are raised when the writer protagonist discovers a Native American burial ground under an Eastern Shore jail and begins hallucinating black shapes and undulating snakes. This poltergeist fable is based upon the spirit myth of Dorchester County as well as Lynne's personal ghost narrative. Like a parable with a little bit of dangerous truth, the ghost stories are all genuine.

511.96 RUR

/ / похожие


Roxanne Rustand An Aspen Creek Christmas

Second Chance HolidayAll Hannah Dorchester wants is to give her orphaned niece and nephew a happy Christmas. She’s ready for anything—except their uncle Ethan Williams. Thirteen years ago she was planning their wedding and he was planning his escape—joining the military without even a goodbye. Ethan never meant to break Hannah’s heart, but now the recovering soldier's back and he wants his late brother's kids. He's got one month to prove he'll be the better parent. But as they start sharing in the joys of the season, he’s determined to show Hannah he’s also become a better man. Could this be their final chance at family—and their second chance for love?

442.88 RUR

/ / похожие


Lehane D. A Drink Before The War

Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are tough private investigators who know the blue-collar neighbourhoods and ghettos of Boston's Dorchester section as only natives can. Working out of an old church belfry, Kenzie and Gennaro take on a seemingly simple assignment for a prominent politician: to uncover the whereabouts of Jenna Angeline, a black cleaning woman who has allegedly stolen confidential Statehouse documents.But finding Jenna proves easy compared to staying alive. The investigation escalates, uncovering a web of corruption extending from bombed-out ghetto streets to the highest levels of state government.With slick, hip dialogue and a lyrical narrative pocked by explosions of violence, A Drink Before the War confronts a city in which institutionalized bigotry and corruption are often the norm, and the true nature of 'racial incidents' is rarely clear. Dennis Lehane's remarkable debut is at once a pulsating crime thriller and a mirror of our world, one in which the worst human horrors are found closest to home, and the most vicious obscenities are committed in the name of love. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

780 RUR

/ / похожие


Aiden Byrne Simple Beginnings: Beading

Rising star Aiden Byrne shares his passion for great British cooking. The youngest chef ever to win a Michelin star, Aiden is now head chef at the grill in London’s prestigious Dorchester hotel. There are 150 recipes divided into four chapters: Vegetables, Fish, Meat and Desserts. Ranging from beautifully simple dishes to the more fabulous creations, all the recipes showcase Aiden's talent for creating perfectly judged dishes using the best that Britain has to offer, from Scallops with Garlic and Lime Puree to Veal Cutlets with Broad Beans and Girolle Mushrooms and Warm Chestnut Cake with Chocolate Sorbet. As well as the recipes, Aiden writes authoritatively on a number of food issues and the book includes black and white photographs of Aiden visiting suppliers, sourcing ingredients and at work in the kitchen. More than just a recipe book, Made in Great Britain is a celebration of British food as well as a fascinating look at the motivation, passion and attitude of an emerging talent.

1830.86 RUR

/ / похожие


Jim Wahlberg The Big Hustle

When Jim Wahlberg went to prison the second time at 22 years old, he was sentenced to six to nine years for breaking and entering, bargained down from life for home invasion. He had staggered into a Boston cop’s apartment, helping himself to the sellable stuff and all the beer in the fridge. The cop came home, found Jim passed out at the kitchen table, beat the hell out of him, and arrested him. But Wahlberg, a 130-pound kid from Dorchester, had learned some things from his life on the street and his first prison sentence. He knew how to survive. And he knew that if he wanted to avoid serving the full sentence, he would have to do something. He did what he was best at: He hustled. He would create the illusion that he was trying to change, that he’d become the model prisoner, not a guy hell-bent on getting out while he was still young enough to drink more, steal more, and do more drugs. He didn’t know, though, that the Catholic priest he was trying to hustle was actually hustling him. The Big Hustle is the story of a redeemed life and a family’s healing. This is the no-holds-barred, unvarnished, and sometimes brutal true story of Jim Wahlberg, the fifth of nine kids growing up in a working-class Irish Catholic neighborhood outside of Boston, hustling for attention any way he could get it, which led him to the biggest hustle of his life. Against all odds he got clean, he got out, and he got the girl. Jim dedicated his new life as a former addict to working with addicts, and for years has spread the word that recovery is possible. But nothing could have prepared him for what came next. His discovery that his own son was an addict threw Jim into a crisis—one that led him deeper into his faith and led to healing he never thought possible. This book is a testament to God’s power and an invitation to all of us to hope in the darkest places. About the Author Jim is the fifth oldest Wahlberg. Like his brothers Donny and Mark, Jim recovered from his tough upbringing in the streets of Dorchester to become producer, writer, and director of films, including The Circle of Addiction, What About the Kids? , and The Lookalike. Jim is the executive director of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, created to improve the quality of life for inner city youth through a working partnership with other youth organizations. Jim and his wife live in South Florida and have three children.

2047.72 RUR

/ / похожие

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